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Monday, October 10, 2016

Bovi - Its her day....Comedian pays tribute to all those who helped the movie become successful

Nigerian Comedian Bovi Took to his instagram page to give respect to all those who helped him before,during,and after the movie was acted and sent to the cinemas for viewing. This was what he said:
THANK YOU!!!! I wanna seize this opportunity to thank everybody. By everybody I mean those who encouraged me to go on with this project! One of the last duties of my mum was following me to the studio to watch the first cut which was almost four hours long. She was patient. In the end she said "I assure you, this movie is a hit and will be successful in d cinemas". Dear mama, u were right! I want to thank my brother Zino as well. U have never doubted me despite your superior intelligence. Don't think I do not notice d fire in your eyes when i share ideas with u. And even when u don't light up, I see ur effort in assuaging my feelings. I also want to thank Mildred Okwo. First time I met her I was scared stiff coz she's too blunt for my liking. I've seen her describe idiots and praise God in d same sentence. She helped me pick a number of d actors who made this movie great. I'd like to thank RMD. My boss who played d role of father while I worked for him. Can this post be complete without my cast? For d want of space, I will just say thank u to all of u generally. But look deep and see what I'm saying to u individually. My friends too! Those who saw d manuscript! Some of u haven't seen d movie. Hurry up b4 I vex. To d fans and well wishers who have seen d movie based on belief. I thank you too. If not for y'all, nothing for me. Diamond bank and d major players, ur roles can never be wiped off. Hiptv and my blogger friends, u people where d fertilizers for this project. My lovely wife and kids and siblings; my everything! And to all those unknown catalysts, in due time, the world will know what an effect u have had. I thank y'all. Amaju! Omoni Oboli! Bright! Jude Abaga! Victor! G.Enahoro and family. Edike and family! Ezinne! Freda! Fatai! Okpowho and family! Azuka! clement, Ogus, CEOpute,Olisa, Charlie bOy! Ayona, Uchenna, and finally, all those I have not been able to mention specifically. Thank you!!! We were expected to spend max two weeks in the cinemas. But we're five weeks old now. Thanks again to all of y'all. This project is far from perfect, but y'all encouraged it! We r grateful. We will do better next time! And to d pretenders, bless u too!!

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