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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Yemi Alade and Trey Songs working on new song for cokestudio after eating NigerianJollof in Kenya(see photo and video)


Yemi alade @cokestudio

Yemi alade and trey songs were spotted eating Nigerian Jollof in Kenya a few days ago..

Today, Yemi posted a video with trey songs. They were working on a song and it sounds really good.

Yemi has a wonderful voice, added with trey songs?? They would perform miracles.

See more photos and watch video below...

Your browser doesn't support the video tagVideo: yemi alade and trey songs@cokestudio

Mean while,trey was also spotted with Burnaboy.

Burnaboy was featured in Cynthia Morgans bubble bup music video which got over 9000views just hours after it was released!!

Your browser doesn't support the video tagVideo:Trey song asks his fans to follow burnaboy

Meanwhile...Watch Cynthia Morgan ft Burnaboy bubble bup music video  Here!! 

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