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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What Blogging is all about by Ugo.c.ugo

A lot of people think blogging is a make-rich setting, it is but not when you are just starting.

Popular blogger and a role model Lindaikeji confessed how she could not pay for an office complex six years ago when she started, but look at her now! She is beautiful, rich, talented, have one of the most expensive and well designed office now. But what intrigues me is that within those years, after the disappointment, she still went about blogging with a fully charged desire.

I am young in the blogosphere but determined!! That is the key to TBIB's success!!

When others were going to offices and factories, lindaikeji was at home blogging, and it has really paid lindaikeji.

If you go online, you will see a lot of abandoned blogs. This is because a lot of people were hallucinating thinking they can make money with their blog immediately.

My first question to them is... Who knows your blog?? How popular is it?? Why do you deserve to be paid?? How frequent do you post??

A lot of people are too official with their blogs and this is good but hello!! Your followers want to be in contact with you and not a robot typing machine. Become human and talk to them directly as I am talking to you now, believe me, they enjoy and prefer it better.

I am a blogger, a proud and happy one at that, it took me time before I got a penny from my blog but ever since, its been smooth!!

I used my breakfast allowance, sometimes my transportation fare and a whole other little cash I got to invest in my blog and it has paid me big time.

I posted a motivational speech by one of my friends on Facebook... That is one of the ways you stay in track with your vision.

In years to come, Tbib will be a household name.

Blogging is a live style!!! It is power!! It is a way to get your voice heard!! It is more than a news feed network!! It is a communication transport system that gets you around the World and back in just a few clicks per seconds.

Tbib is focused on Celebrities,politics,Downloads,Sports,Mobile phones/laptops,internet and telecom and a whole lot more. This gets me very busy. I love it.

Start blogging today!! Stay Determined and dedicated!! Never Give up and you will make it.

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