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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Pouring Of Water On Final Year Student Leads to His Death.

All hell broke loose yesterday as a fresh graduate of the Imo State University took his last breathe as students poured him water in jubilation of
Completing his final year in the university.

What seem to be
jubilation turned into a gathering of sorrow
when the victim was running away from a
number of students who pursued after him to
pour dirty water on him.

In a quest to dodge the water being poured on him, he fell into a soakaway pit and got drowned. The dirty water from the pit however is partially
passing a light current as the pit is dug beside
their transformer where earth-wire is buried.
Pouring of water has been banned in schools
but some students would not obey this.

Some other students in the past have been recorded to have been injured, poured acid and some other dangerous liquids all in the name of celebrating their final papers.

This Is a call to every final year student and their fellow students to desist from this act.

There are other ways to celebrate success than this, please heed to this warning... Stop this Act Now!!!

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