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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Why Users prefer Instagram to Facebook

Instagram is more preferrable than Facebook

facebook instagram
instagram vs facebook

A new survey shows that Social media lovers are 1.3 times more attracted to Instagram than Facebook

This is because users get to interact with celebrities on photo and video sharing on Instagram than on Facebook. The data analytic team from Facebook IQ analysed 5,500 users of Facebook and Instagram in six countries -- Australia, Brazil, France, Japan, the UK and the US -- for their behaviour and emotions across the two platforms

People use both Facebook and Instagram but each fulfills their needs to a different extent. Our survey revealed that for people who use both feeds equally, Facebook better satisfies their need for empowerment, recognition and connection and Instagram fulfills their desire for fun, relaxation and discovery," said Vicki Molina-Estolano, researcher at Facebook IQ.

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Instagram users are most likely to follow accounts related to fashion, beauty, interior design and people they don't know personally than on Facebook.

The survey reveals that people on Facebook tend to look for updates from friends and family, news and humour content while they seek for information about celebrities, fashion, travel and beauty on Instagram.

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