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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I choose Messi to C.Ronaldo...... Ronaldo

The former Brazil, Barcelona, Inter Milan and
Real Madrid legend has been named the world's
best player three times in his career.
Messi and his Real rival have shared the prize
over the past seven years. Messi holds a slight
edge with four wins to Cristiano Ronaldo's three,
and the ex-Brazil international Ronaldo says
Messi is his pick to win another.
"I choose Messi," Ronaldo told Clarin on

"I choose Messi," Ronaldo told Clarin on
"I see Messi more complete. He does things in a
most spectacular way."
Brazil and Barcelona captain Neymar is the third
finalist for the award, which will be announced
on Jan. 11 in Zurich.
The vote for the award will be made by the
captains and head coaches of each men's
national team as well as by international media
representatives selected by French publication
France Football.
However, Ronaldo's former manager Fabio
Capello had some words for his Brazilian charge
at Real Madrid, saying the talented striker was a
bad influence on the team.
Speaking at the Globe Soccer Awards, Capello
said: "Ronaldo, the phenomenon, was the
greatest player I have ever coached.
"He showed up [for pre-season] in Madrid and
was 96 kg, so I asked him to get to 88-90 kg.
"There was nothing I could do. He was a great
player, but a negative influence for the group."


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