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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Vote the Gorgeous Miss Chidiebere Nkpa for MSQN social media Award 2014 (see pics)

                                                VOTE!!  VOTE!!  VOTE!!

Hey there, my name is CHIDIEBERE NKPA, am 21years from Abia state and ever since i was a little Girl, it has been my dream to win in a Beauty Pageant. I have been very shy to come out for any competition but i was inspired by my Friends and coursemates to enrol for the2014 MSQN social Media Award campaign.

miss style queen Nigeria

 I was so fortunate to be selected amidst the Hundreds of Girls who applied for it. Ive been slected to represent My people. My Goal is to win  the crown and change the entire face of the MSQN. 

Its God at work as i believe he made it all workout this way.

Its  everyones  Goal to see their dreams come true but like everyother person, we need other people to help us work on the Goals to become a reality.

The way to win this competition is by getting more likes on your picture before the scheduled date and the winner will be crowned the Queen/
I appeal that you help me bring this dream into reality. 

Click on the link below and like my picture and share with your friends too to like it. And in a weeks time, we shall all celebrate our Victory and above  all know that our existence on Earth is being fulfilled one after the other.

I love you all so much and i know we are in this together.

 Just copy and paste the link on your wall and inbox friends via facebook, twitter and so many others you can.


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