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Friday, August 29, 2014

Update on Ebola Virus Disease in Nigeria by the Health Minister Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu at a press conference August 2014.

The health minister prof. Onyebuchi has released statement concerning the Ebola death in Portharcourt and Nigeria in General. (Read below)

Ebola is real. Below are the statistics of casualties of the Ebola Virus.

The Total number of Ebola cases so far in Nigeria stands at 15
Ebola in rivers state

The total number of Ebola cases treated in our Isolation Ward stands at 13

The Total number of those discharged stands at 7

The total no. Of death from those treated in Lagos stands at 5 with 1 still currently under treatment.The person is stable and showing improvements.

You will observe that the cases were 13 but is now 15, this two new Ebola cases were not treated in our Ward in Lagos.
Onyebuchi Chukwu

As you know, Ebola is now in Portharcourt, and two more were diagnosed to have contracted Ebola Virus.

One of the patients now proved negative to Ebola although he showed signs that he suffered from the virus.

One of the two, was a primary contact of Mr Patrick Sawyer who evaded our surveillance team last month July 2014 and travelled out of Lagos to Portharcourt where he consulted a Doctor (Good heart Clinic Rumuokoro) and was apparently treated for some symptoms. This was done in a hotel and not the clinic.Both the hotel and the clinic has been shutdown with 70people quarantined and 200more being traced.

 After four days, following a manhunt for him, the primary contact to Mr Sawyer was found to be without the virus symptoms.

Niw , this raised questions since the doctor who treated him died of the virus but himself is okay.

Following this report of his death by the doctors widow, several contacts have been traced, registered and placed under surveillance.

However, the widow is now showing symptoms is Ebola and has been quarantined pending in the results of tests.

Incident Management have already deployed a string team to Portharcourt to work with the health authorities in Rivers state so it can be effectively managed just like in Lagos and Enugu.

The total number if death from this virus disease in Nigeria is now 6.

I want to charge the residents if portharcourt not to panic over thus situation as the experience we gathered from Kagid and Enugu indicates there us no cause for alarm.
The Government is fully in control of the situation.

Once again, we appeal to all contacts under surveillance to abide by the advice given to them by the Incident Management committee.

With regards, all secondary contacts will be followed up till tomorrow when they are all expected to be discharged.

Thank you

My comments: Only God can help us.

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