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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Who is Dbanj dating??? well meet the beautiful Adama here

Yes, I know you must be thinking, Who is Danj dating?? Well recent research on Nigerias top Superstar Dapo Oyebanjo has revealed to us. Dbanj is dating someone(a hottie(winks)) see her pics below
dbanjs girlfriend
Dbanj and girlfriend Adama

On September 2012, it was piblished on City People Magazine
the print edition that pop star Dapo
Oyebanjo aka Dbanj was in a hot
 romance with Adama Indimi , the daughter of billionare buainessman Alhaji Mohammed Indimi.;

At the time, the Lovebirds had openly displayed
affection towards each other on Twitter.

It was
Adama's birthday on 13th August 2012 when
Dbanj tweeted that “On my way to Club Icon with
@Naetoc and the crew! 2nyt we drinking 2
celebrate my baby@PresidoAdama. Happy
birthday love!”

Two weeks later, when Dbanj had his London
concert, the elated Adama tweeted a lovely picture
of them captioned “When mumsi said “I like your
new Hannah Montana remix”.

Though Dbanj has over the years kept mum on his
relationship, it seems Adama indimi may be the
lucky one as she was spotted in photos with the
Oyebanjos when the matriarch of the family
celebrated her birthday at the Radisson Blu Anchorage hotel yesterday.


For those who didn't know , Adams Indimi is the
Chief Executive Officer and founder of Kauna
Solutions ltd.

Watching Kauna grow is the greatest
success and achievement for this Communications
BSc and MSc graduate.

Adama was born in Nigeria but spent most of her
adolescent life in England therefore has the ability
to alternate between African, European and
Middle-Eastern cultures.

speaks both English, French, Hausa languages.

Adams is very cute, keep it up #bangalee can't wait to see Yale on the aisle(Lol)

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