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Monday, July 21, 2014

We must get Boko Haram Leader Shekau before December..... Nigeria witches and wizards Boast

Witches and Wizards in Nigeria have vowed to catch Boko haram leader Shekau before the end of 2014. 
We are fed up with his noise!!! They said.

Making this revelation in an exclusive interview
with Saturday Sun in Lagos on Wednesday, leader
and spokesman, Witches and Wizards Association
of Nigeria, (WITZAN), Dr. Okhue Iboi said the
emergency meeting held by his members was not
only aimed at discussing the various challenges
confronting the nation but also to chart a way
book haram

“Witches and Wizards in Nigeria are deeply
worried by what is going on in the country
especially Boko Haram insurgency.

stakeholders in the Nigerian project, we can no
longer afford to fold our hands while the nation
burns. Enough is enough”, he declared.

According to him, Shekau will be captured before
the end of December, and paraded on the streets
of Abuja and Maiduguri for the whole world to see.
“We witches and wizards in Nigeria have sealed
the fate of Shekau.

 His days are numbered. He will
be captured before the end of December, and
contrary to the image and impression he has been
creating that he is a warrior, after his capture, he
will start singing like a canary bird.”
Not done yet, Iboi, further said that Shekau, upon
his arrest, will mention some powerful people who
are his sponsors.
“An ordinary eye can’t see what we are seeing in
the coven world. Witches and wizards have put
Shekau on our radar. There is no peace for him
again until the day of his arrest,” he said.

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