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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Two Glasses of Alchol a day will damage your research reveals

Drinking just two glasses of wine a day will
damage your health, according to a study.
The research challenges previous claims that
moderate amounts of alcohol could have a
protective effect on the heart.
Even if you drink as little as 12 units a week –
less than a pint of beer or two small glasses of
wine a day – this will still have a negative effect
on health say scientists.
The paper, published in the British Medical
Journal, found drinking less reduces the risk of
heart disease and lowers blood pressure.
Professor Juan Casas, of the London School of
Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said: 'We saw a
link between a reduced consumption of alcohol
and improved cardiovascular health, regardless
of whether the individual was a light, moderate
or heavy drinker.
'Assuming the association is causal, it appears
that even if you're a light drinker, reducing your
alcohol consumption could be beneficial for
your heart.'
The study was hailed by other scientists as a
victory for common sense.
Dr Tim Chico, a heart disease expert at Sheffield
University, said: 'There are few if any health
benefits to drinking alcohol, even in
'People are confused that one day doctors say
one thing, the next come out with something
different. To reduce your risk of heart disease
you should walk to your greengrocer – not
drive to your off-licence.'
Previous studies have claimed light drinking
might protect the heart, but scientists have
never come up with an adequate biological
theory as to why that might be.
Some have suggested that resveratrol, an
antioxidant found in red wine, might have
health benefits, but others dispute this.
Professor Casas, who led the research of health
records involving 260,000 people along with
colleagues at University College London and the
University of Pennsylvania – thinks people often
do not tell scientists and doctors how much they
The latest research eradicated those problems
by studying a group who biologically can only
drink lightly – the 7 per cent of the population
who carry a genetic variant which means they
cannot consume more than a few drinks a week
without being ill.
Dr Shannon Amoils, of the British Heart
Foundation, said: 'Studies into alcohol
consumption are fraught with difficulty in part
because they rely on people giving accurate
accounts of their drinking habits.
'Here the researchers...get round this problem
by including people who had a gene that
predisposes them to drink less.'


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