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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Deaconnes grabs pastors pe**s in church (see pics)

This is a fresh news coming from Ghana. A deaconess of a church intentionally grabs the Lead pastors Pen*s during a Sunday special miracle and healing service.(Read On)

According to ReportGhanaNews, the
Pastor was preaching to his
congregation on a Sunday morning
then he ask people with
health problems to stand up and come
close to touch a specific place on his body for

church secrets
The deaconess caught on Camera grabbing Pastors priv*tes

While everyone was
touching the Pastor’s head, shoes and
shoulder; this woman, a bishop of
same congregation decided to hold
the pastor’s priv’ates for healing.

Pastor ask why she hold his priv’ates and the
woman said, “her husband
pen*s is not working anymore so she
believes when she hold the Pastor’s
pen*s, her husband’s would be
Then the pastor shouted,
hallelujah somebody. Can you blame the lady,
wasn’t she obeying simple

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