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Thursday, April 25, 2013

About The Mtn Self care App

Mtn is no doubt one of the best Network provider in Nigeria and the World at large.
They didnt just come to be this by just providing network services, they did it by providing customer friendly services that gives customers unbeatable services with no restriction whatsoever.That is why they are loved and continuously patronized by people all over the world.

Here is one of their latest service, which is the Mtn Self care app.
     This application aims at eliminating the long queue of people trying to get in contact with their customer care agents.
This application gives you control over all services pertaining your sim and is acceptable by  all phone types and tablets,etc.

To download the app, simply send an SMS keyword "CARE" to 5018. (SMS is free).
 A link to download the app will be sent in an SMS to your phone or call the MTN Customer Care on 180 or visit any MTN Walk-in center to have the app link sent to your phone.

Like I said before, it works on all phones, Java,Symbian,Blackberry,Android,tablets,etc.
                   courtesy of ugob

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